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Aperion Law. Built for disruption.

The world keeps changing and business needs to change with it. Personalisation, tailored expertise, flexible working & smarter technology are changing industries everyday. They are also the foundations of what Aperion Law provides as legal advisors to startups, entrepreneurs and investors.

Aperion Law partners with entrepreneurs to build simple and effective legal foundations that scale and give startup teams the assurance that together we can build a successful business to change the world.

Work with ground breaking lawyers who are not afraid to re-invent:

  • how law is applied to new and developing industries; and
  • the model for how you partner with us and manage the costs of legal expertise.

Why our
clients love
partnering with
Aperion Law

  • 'New' Expertise
    When you are trying to build something completely new, you need legal expertise that can develop new options to solve new problems. We do this every day for our clients.
  • Startup Mentality
    We understand the challenges of entrepreneurs, because we're entrepreneurs too. Flexible pricing, shared expertise, one legal team who know your business; in a disruptive business you need people who roll up their sleeves to help.
  • Flexible Pricing, Custom expertise
    Sometimes templates help, and we'll use them. Most of the time, they need to be customised to your business and overall goals. By mixing our expertise and flexibility, Aperion Law gives you what you need without damaging your future success.

How we help

Aperion Law assists you at all stages of entrepreneurial lifecycle:
From the development of your concept to the realisation of your exit strategy.

We understand the changing dynamics of a rapidly growing business and provide clarity, assurance and expertise to ensure that your ideas and interests are protected with timely, accurate and commercial legal advice. We take time to understand your circumstances and aspirations to ensure that our service and service delivery are appropriate for your needs.

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